Review: No Mercy by Martina Cole


Back in the 1980’s Diana Davis found herself, after the death of her infamous bank-robbing husband, as head of one of the most notorious families known in the gangland underworld.  She may have been a woman in a predominately man’s world, but there was no one brave enough to mess…

Review : Q by Christina Dalcher


“I almost can’t remember how it felt before we all started carrying the Q numbers around with us, like an extra and unnatural print on the tips of our fingers, a badge of honour for some, a mark of shame for others.” These Q numbers now run lives. It dictates…

Scabby Queen by Kristin Innes is a novel about a woman doesn't quite succeed with a folk music career and ends up with depression and commits suicide

Review: Scabby Queen by Kristin  Innes


Clio Campbell first hit the headlines back in 1990 when she appeared on Top of the Pops wearing an anti-poll tax t-shirt and singing a song she had actually written for groups at protests. She killed herself in 2018 just days before her 51st birthday. Sadly, her death didn’t come…