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From what to buy someone for Christmas to how to be comfortable while reading on the beach, we have you covered. A bookworm lifestyle isn't just about reading books, it encompasses our whole way of life.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


While I am sure we all tell our mum’s just how much they mean to us throughout the year, Mother’s Day itself is an opportunity to officially spoil them. It is the one day of the year completely dedicated to the most important women in our lives; a day where…

Are bookworms hoarding books they no longer need? We all love bookshelves lined with books, but when they begin to creak under the weight of novels is it time to give some away? Via @tbookjunkie

Are Bookworms Hoarding?


Sitting here today, I feel that I need to probably confess to being a bit of a hoarder, but it has always been with good intentions. You see… I am officially a hoarder of books. I have no doubt that my husband is going to completely agree with this as…

Is reading really therapeutic? Can it be used to help with your mental wellbeing? check out why we think it can via @tbookjunkie

Reading as Therapy


These days it is easy to find a therapist because of online solutions like But did you know that picking up a book could be therapeutic as well? There are several mental health benefits to reading that are backed up by mounting scientific evidence. Reading is great for the…