23 Bookish Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

No matter what time of the year it is buying for the bibliophile in your life doesn’t need to be difficult.  Believe it or not, whilst we do love to surround ourselves with gorgeous novels, there are other gifts out there that I know the bookworm in your life will absolutely adore.

Therefore, this Christmas why not consider something slightly different.  Not every bookish gift has to increase your bookworm’s To-Be-Read pile, and in fact, there are many gift ideas out there that are perfect for the travelling book lover in your life.

So if you know a bonafide lover of literature that simply cannot get enough of book-related gifts these ideas are bound to get them giddy with excitement and win you massive brownie points for thinking outside the box this festive season.

Bookish Gifts Designed to Make Your Book Lover Swoon

Book beat is one of those gifts that our bookish love ones would appreciate this Christmas.

#1 An Audiobook Subscription

Being a bookworm on the move is hard sometimes.  We don’t always have the luxury or the ability to carry an ultimate supply of books with us and whilst our Kindle may help get us out of a packing dilemma sometimes we want to reminisce over our childhood years when someone would narrative a wonderful story for us, giving us the opportunity to daydream and create a movie-reel in our own heads at the same time.

Since audiobooks are growing in popularity more and more companies are offering a subscription service but which one is the best?  Here at Travelling Book Junkie, we love Book Beat, a subscription service that allows you to listen to audiobooks or read e-books on any number of devices and because we love so much we are offering our readers 1 month free so that, instead of just taking our word for it you can try it for yourselves.

Sign up for your free month here before the end of December 2018. 

Book beat a new audiobook service that book lover will love. It answers all their bookish needs.

#2  100 Books Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

One of the biggest dilemmas for a bookworm is deciding what book to read next.  I know it sounds silly after all any serious book lover has a TBR pile the size of Kathmandu, but a bibliophile can spend weeks planning what they intend to read next and that is why I love the Bucket List Book Guide which features 100 must-read books.

#3 Reading Journals

Goodreads is great for keeping a list of your books read, to-be-read or any reading challenges you may have undertaken but the idea of a physical reading journal is something more personal.  For me, a reading journal helps you to collate your thoughts on what you are reading, gives you are chance to order your book reviews in a way that makes sense to you and allows you to make a list of all those books you have read or would like to read.

As a blogger, when travelling I keep a journal that helps me to recall sights, sounds, smells and anything else that I hope to remember about our trips so why wouldn’t I want to keep a book journal as well.  This way I get to write down my thoughts as I read – who knows what I might forget otherwise.

# 4 Pre-loved Book Subscriptions

With so many books ever only being read once, I love the idea of giving a once pre-loved book to someone else who will go on to appreciate it as much as I have done, therefore, if you have a bookworm in your life that either loves vintage classics or modern fiction Post Box Books by Barristers Book Chamber is one of the best pre-loved book subscriptions I have come across, and one of the cheapest.

The Barrister Book Chambers offers both bookish stays and subscription boxes for all book lovers to enjoy.

If you really want to excel in the Christmas gift department you can also book a night away in your very own book haven and stay at the Barristers Clerk, where you will be surrounded, fall-to-ceiling, with books worthy of a read.

#5 Tickets to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios in London

Harry Potter is a book everyone loves therefore a visit to Warner Bros to see the props, costumes and scenes are a bookish delight.

If you happen to live in the UK or are planning a trip to London any time soon then any bibliophile in their right mind is going to want to spend time wandering around the iconic sets, props, and costumes that brought the magical world of Harry Potter alive.  You may have to be patient though as tickets sell out fast, so planning a few months in advance is essential, but I guarantee the Potterhead in your life will love this wizardry experience. 

#6 Literature Themed T-Shirts

It’s true that most bookworms also love a good bookish designed T-Shirt.  It gives us the opportunity to highlight who are favourite authors are or who our latest book-crush is without even having to open our mouths. Let’s face it, get us started on what our most beloved novel is and you may be there for a considerable while.   

# 7 Travel the World With Books

The wordy traveler is a bookish subscription service that allows you to travel the globe from the comfort of your own home.

It would be wrong for me to hide the fact that I am a huge fan of travelling and when I am not packing my suitcase and heading off to a new destination I love to explore different locations from the comfort of my armchair.  The Wordy Traveler is my go-to subscription for this very need simply because I can be transported to another place for the small cost of their latest collection box, complete with not just great reads but also small surprises local to the country of the month.  For those travelling there is also a backpacker’s edition ideal for those needing to travel light.

# 8 Literary Magazines

These magazines give readers an insight into exciting new books and novels they may wish to read.  There are several available linking to different themes from fiction, non-fiction, poetry to fairytales but one that stands out for me is Slightly Foxed.

Slightly foxed is a quarterly book review of older books that are still worth reading by those in seek of new bookish classics.

Slightly Foxed is a quarterly magazine that introduces its readers to timeless classics; books that are no longer new and fashionable but that have a lasting appeal; books that may have otherwise been forgotten over time.

#9 Themed Afternoon Teas

Who doesn’t love afternoon tea with its finger sandwiches and delicious sweet bites all washed down with exceedingly good tea and perhaps a glass of fizz?

For a bookish treat why not send your bookworm for an afternoon feast to remember; one promising to remind them of some of their most favourite literary moments.

While touring London for example you could team up a trip to the Shard with a Mary Poppins themed Afternoon Tea that would make P.L. Travers proud, or perhaps you would prefer to recreate the Mad Hatters Tea Party after a morning of shopping on Oxford Street. Alternatively, you could head to Mr Fogg’s and travel the world with one of Jules Verne’s most well-known characters. 

# 10 Classic Book Subscriptions

Ask any bookworm and they will tell you that whilst contemporary fiction is fantastic sometimes you just can’t better settling in for the night with a good classic.  However, deciding on the perfect classic novel for someone that already has so many can often be quite a daunting experience.  The answer, a book subscription that chooses for you!

The Willoughby Book Club is a subscription service that book lovers will enjoy

For me, one of the best we have found is the Willoughby Book Club which specialises not only in classic subscriptions but offers a range of different choices for all age groups from toddlers onwards.  Not only does the Willoughby Book Club offer fictional reads you can also purchase a subscription for the chef or gardener in your life, the options really are endless.  However, don’t just take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

#11 Take your Book Lover on a Themed Night Out

There are many different bars that would appeal to bibliophiles but if your idea of a library bar isn’t the idea of a great night out why not book in for an immersion experience instead.  Trust me, this isn’t just for the Drama Lovers out there as the name might suggest: let’s face it the majority of us that hide our noses in our books for more hours then is probably healthy each day don’t really like to be the centre of attention.

However, through in a bookish theme and you might just about be able to persuade us to put our books away for the evening.

If you happen to be in Scotland, test out The Pop Up Geeks in Edinburgh which host a variety of differently themed nights from fairy tale adventures, to a ‘Winter is Coming’ Game of Thrones evening and J.J. Tolkien Hobbiton-esque nights.

the cauldron pub a harry potter themed night out that bookworms will love

Alternatively, if you are either in London or New York an evening out at The Cauldron Pub mixing your very own potions while waving magical wands just like a member of Hogwarts could be just the thing for those wanting to jump into the pages of one of J.K. Rowling’s wizardry novels.

#12 Coffee and Book Subscription

Bookishly is a coffee and book subscription service in the UK that book lovers will adore

Few things pair better with a good book than a steaming cup of hot coffee which is why I love Bookishly, a company that sends out a vintage book and an amazingly delicious ground coffee sample each month for you to enjoy.  If of course, coffee isn’t your favourite tipple then you can always swap it with a tea offering instead.

#13 Literature Mugs

What better way to enjoy your freshly brewed cuppa than in your very own literary mug.  One that either has your favourite author plastered all over it, a book you keep raving about or a bookish quote that sums up exactly how you feel when people interrupt your reading time.

# 14 Candles with a Literary Twist

Bookworms love the smell of old books and thankfully now, candles have been produced allowing book lovers to recreate the feeling of being surrounding by vintage books in their very own library setting.

You can also get candles that represent your favourite authors or series of books as well as a selection of different diffusers like the ones sold by Primark that represent several different Disney characters.

#15 Unique and Unusual Bookmarks

Bookmarks don’t have to be boring.  No longer do bibliophiles have to suffer by using bland, paper bookmarks.

Today you can get all sorts of gem-encrusted, literature themed, quirky and awesome markers that a bookworm would be proud to display. From witch’s feet hanging out the bottom of a book to Alice in Wonderland themed clips, bookmarks have come a long way since I was a kid.

#16 Book a Night in a Literature Themed Hotel

cottages, dartmouth, blackpool sands, eyeore's cottage, whinnie the poo, christopher robbin, house, home, dream, A A Milne, childrens books,

Everyone loves a night away, but what about if you could stay somewhere that relates to your favourite read.  From Hobbit Holes to rooms that were once frequented by your favourite authors or their family to library accommodation which is filled wall-to-wall of old books just waiting for someone to re-read their dusty pages, there are many options that book lovers are bound to enjoy.

gladstones library, william gladstone, quirky accommodation, library stays, prime minister, british, historical, oldest, united kingdom, wales, uk, bedroom, restaurant, famous, world, books, writings, statue, memoirs, literary,

#17 Themed Book Subscriptions

Unlike other subscription boxes that focus on a genre – crime, contemporary, classic – Book Box Club has a different theme each month to entice their readers.  From Witchcraft to fantasy Lands to Smugglers and Thieves, every box holds something different.

book box club is a themed book subscription that goes out monthly with its own online book club where bookworms can discuss their reads

They also have their very own online Clubhouse which allows subscribers to log-on and have a challenging decision about the monthly reads. 

What could be better than a monthly subscription box and an online book club all rolled into one?

#18 Literary Cook Books

Unlike me, I know that there are others out there that like to recreate recipes from their favourite reads but in order to do that having the guidance of a cookbook may be helpful.   Your book beloved could reinvent dinner with Mr Darcy, cook up a vampire storm, feast like winter is coming, or recreate a renaissance kitchen fit for Shakespeare.

#19 Sleep with Literary Heroes

What could be better than climbing into bed each evening under a cover that is printed with your favourite author or book?

From Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh, to duvets covered in text from Pride and Prejudice and polite statements telling people to go away so they can read, bedding linen has become a way to express our very favourite things.

#20 Take Comfort from Literature Cushions

Literary inspired cushions and pillows are fast becoming a must-have for the most discerning of bookworms.  Some are printed with favourite quotes while others have book covers enlarged onto them.  Some have literary characters copied onto them with others being embroidered with the spines of novels.

With a good cushion and a throw, anyone could be found relaxing and getting lost into a good book for an hour or two.

#21 Light the Way to Night-Time Reading

The great thing about the majority of e-readers is that they come with a built-in light function however what happens when you want to delve between the pages of a paperback?

Gone are the days of boring side lamps and clip-on lights.  You can now get lamps in the shape of a book that can literally be stuck anywhere to lights in the shape of potion bottles.

#22 Literary Maps

Literary maps can help plan your next trip as a book lover

These literary maps are a fantastic idea starts especially if your literature geek is unsure to travel to next.  By picking one of these maps those that like to follow in the footsteps of their favourite literary heroes may be inspired to pack their bags and go in search of well-known haunts of the literary world.

#23 Wine Glass Charms

Having a dinner party and worried your glasses may get mixed up?  By using novelty, fictional charms there is no way your glass could be mistaken for someone else’s but it will highlight just how much of a bookworm you really are.

I hope you have found inspiration for the book lover in your life.  I guarantee that if you order any of these little surprises for that special person they will have an extremely happy Christmas.  Alternatively, if you are the bookworm, I won’t blame you for going on a spending spree and purchasing a bookish gift or two for yourself.

 Let’s face it; everyone is entitled to spoil themselves over the festive period.

This article contains affiliate links at no cost to you but helps to pay for the running of this website.  All items recommended here are things that I have purchased myself or would be happy to, either for myself or a loved one.

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