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15 Top Travel Books of 2016: Guaranteed to Inspire Wanderlust

Do you suffer with Wanderlust? Travelling the world is now easier than ever before, but deciding where to head can offer be as daunting as the journey itself.  With so many great travel writers out there, the knowledge we now have at our finger tips is immense.  However, with so…

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Books to read while on the Greek Islands on holiday via @tbookjunkie

Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Greek Islands

Island hopping in Greece is a fun way to explore this stunning country. Nothing beats sitting out on the deck of a ferry, sipping cocktails, and wondering what awaits you on the next island. But with more than 200 islands to visit, you definitely need a good book to keep…

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Books for those in need of a travel adventure via @tbookjunkie

5 Books That Inspire Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is one of the most transformative experiences we’ll have in our lives. It allows us to learn more about ourselves as we take up new adventures. Whether it’s journeying across the ocean in a sailboat or mountain climbing in the Himalayas, travel can push us out of our…

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5 Books that Inspire Travel-based Learning 

Reading is one way to explore the world without having to leave home. And while there’s nothing better than actually travelling, reading about the many amazing places in the world is a great way to learn and find inspiration for travel-based learning. These books can be good for our brains…

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Books to read when travelling around the Lake District via @tbookjunkie

Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Lake District

For many travellers, their holiday would not be complete without a good book. With a good book in hand, you’ll be positively distracted from your surroundings since you will be wrapped into the story that it would be hard to pull yourself out of it.  If you’re heading to the…

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Looking for inspiration on where to travel in 2022? These 7 authors will see you traipsing the globe from the comfort of your armchair whiilst you plan your future trips. Which authors should you be reading in 2022? Check out this article via @tbookjunkie to find out

7 Books That Will Inspire You to Travel

Travelling can be one of the most life-changing adventures we can have. It allows us to learn a great deal about everything around us, and it may lead to the most profound and life-changing insights. Travel may take us beyond our bubble in its most amazing ways, be it simply…

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A female looking out over Horseshoe bend canyon in the US

Main Reasons to Travel as a Student

Student travel offers the chance to step out of the academic bubble and immerse oneself in the broader world. When people travel, they are exposed to experiences and perspectives that push them out of their comfort zone and challenge their preconceived notions. The decision to venture abroad as a student…

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Reviewing Travel related books and novels for others. Image by Kira auf der Heide, unsplash.

How to Write a Travel Book Review

When it comes to sharing your experiences and insights about a captivating travel book, writing a review that captivates potential readers is an art that requires a delicate balance of personal engagement, thoughtful analysis, and expressive writing. Ask yourself, do I want to write my paper with value or just…

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Travel in the footsteps of the ancient Egyptians, seeking out the treasures and the wonders of the world from long again. Image provided by Simon Berger on Unsplash

The Best Books for Giving Yourself an Ancient Egypt 101

In the eyes of travellers, there are effectively two Egypts. There’s the Egypt of the Red Sea, with resorts dotted along the coast offering tourists all the luxuries one would desire. Places like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, where the East embraces the West, create a sense of cosmopolitanism rarely…

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Reading can help with learning a foreign language

5 Best Foreign Language Learning Books of All Time

Most people these days prefer learning a foreign language with the help of mobile apps and interactive solutions like Memrise or the famous Duolingo. Not many will recall those times when grammar and pronunciation were approached with the help of books. Some of them have already gained legendary status. While…

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