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Just Between Us: The New Thriller from Rebecca Drake

If you enjoyed Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty you are going to love Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake. It seems that living in Suburbia doesn’t always mean that you are going to have an idyllic peaceful lifestyle full of school runs, bake…

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Books to read when travelling around the Lake District via @tbookjunkie

Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Lake District

For many travellers, their holiday would not be complete without a good book. With a good book in hand, you’ll be positively distracted from your surroundings since you will be wrapped into the story that it would be hard to pull yourself out of it.  If you’re heading to the…

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Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay is a gripping debut that crime fans will love. Read the full review via @tbookjunkie

Review: Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay

Matt and his family have already been through more than enough. Seven years ago his brother Danny was found guilty of murdering his teenage girlfriend, Charlotte Rose and ever since the family have been thrust into the limelight, journalists prying into their lives at every opportunity. At the time of…

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What to watch on Netflix if you are a bookworm. From romance and drama to horror all of these shows are based on books. Via @tbookjunkie

What TV Shows Bookworms Should be Watching on Netflix

2021 may not have started the way we wanted. We may be in the midst of another lockdown with the pandemic still raging across the world, but to ease the pain for book lovers everywhere, Netflix has us covered. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in…

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Books to read before visiting Oxford, offering a selection of fictional and non-fictional reads via @tbookjunkie

Books to Read before Visiting Oxford

Oxford, home to one of England’s most prestigious universities, has long been a city that people visit, hoping to get a feel for what it would be like to study amongst some of the greatest minds of all time.   Wandering the historic streets, taken in by the striking spires,…

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The Captive by Deborah O'Connor is a 2021 new release thriller set in the future in a world where prisons have closed and those convicted are placed into custody with those that prosecuted them.

Review: The Captive by Deborah O’Connor

Could you live with the person convicted of a crime against you? “I do not want him here.” (Page 1) Understandably I am not sure I would want to occupy the same space as the person accused of killed a loved one either. “The cell was small, the same footprint…

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15 gifts for bookworms this Christmas via @tbookjunkie

15 Gifts all Bookworms will love this Christmas

If you have a bookworm in your life, you know that they absolutely love receiving books underneath the Christmas tree. After all, the chance of them leaving the house without a book, or several, in their bag is highly unlikely. The obvious gift for an avid reader, therefore, is most…

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Famous Oxford Authors Everyone Should be Reading

Oxford University in the UK is one of the most respected in the world. Since 1096 it has seen some of the greatest minds, from all around the globe, graduate and go on to have successful careers in all manner of fields – including science, politics, journalism, and the arts,…

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