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Just Between Us: The New Thriller from Rebecca Drake

If you enjoyed Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty you are going to love Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake. It seems that living in Suburbia doesn’t always mean that you are going to have an idyllic peaceful lifestyle full of school runs, bake…

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Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Review: Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Who is Poppy and why is she allowing her house to be demolished? Within the opening pages, you get the sense that something sinister has taken place inside. Something so bad that Poppy is prepared to see her home turned into rubble to forget. Forget what though we don’t know….

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Book recommendations for February 2020 from Alison Barrow Transworld Books

Books of the Month: February 2020

February sees no less than 200 books being published some of which are highly publicised while others very few have heard of. This month alone Stacey Halls’ second book, The Foundling is published alongside The Sister’s Grimm by Menna van Praag, Saving Missy by Beth Morrey and Djinn Patrol on…

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Hitler's Secret by Rory Clements

Review: Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements

Bormann is Hitler’s right-hand man, so when he insists that a girl by the name of Klara Wolf is found and disposed of; you have to wonder what connection there is between her and the German Fuehrer and why it is so important that she is found. Without asking questions,…

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Damaged by Dan Scottow

Review: Damaged by Dan Scottow

Thinking back, it was one of those unusual summers when Emily and Alice were 12 and carefree – extremely warm, which in the UK is never guaranteed. This ultimately led to kids having water fights and adults socialising over BBQs and cold glasses of wine. That was until the night…

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Review: Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach

Hugues Viane lost his wife five years ago, five long lonely years ago.  “He whiled away some of the time by reading magazines and old books, smoked a great deal and, lost in his memories, lingered at the window opening onto the grey weather outside.” (Page 17*) Since his beloveds…

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Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

“Gabriel Berenson was murdered six years ago. He was forty-four years old. He was killed on the twenty-five of August – it was an unusually hot summer… The day he died was the hottest day of the year.” (page 7). Alicia Berenson was just thirty-three years old when she killed…

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Shadow by James Swallow is part of the Marc Dane Series which includes NOMAD.

Review: Shadow by James Swallow

With multiple stories unfolding, Shadow is a novel that is going to keep you on your toes. It seems that Jakobs, an officer in the anti-terrorist police unit, has waited a lifetime to apprehend Verbeke, a one time colleague turned rogue. So when he was captured the Belgium police officer…

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