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The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Wood is a brand new series from the Robert Ludlum spy thriller collection

Review: The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood

Nick Ford has lost his entire team in what should have been an easy recon mission. How? His logical brain tells him they were somehow betrayed but by who and why? Before he has any further time however to analyze it, trouble is knocking at his hotel room door. Once…

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Hitler's Secret by Rory Clements

Review: Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements

Bormann is Hitler’s right-hand man, so when he insists that a girl by the name of Klara Wolf is found and disposed of; you have to wonder what connection there is between her and the German Fuehrer and why it is so important that she is found. Without asking questions,…

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Ethan Justice: Origins (Simon Jenner)

Calling all bookworms – this is a novel to read in one sitting!  Simon Jenner has created a gem that you will not be able to put down. The Story of Ethan Justice: Origins by Simon Jenner Posh layabout, John Smith, has been given an ultimatum by his parents.  Get…

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A Foreign Country (Charles Cumming)

  Who Is Charles Cumming? Winner of the CIWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award, A Foreign Country is an intrinsically written spy novel that highlights the secret world.  The author, Charles Cumming, was clearly inspired to write spy thrillers after he was approached by MI6 in 1995 and this is…

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10 New Authors to watch out for in 2015

The world of publishing has changed considerable over the years; no longer does a budding author need to send a series of manuscripts to publishing houses in the hope that they will respond in a positive way, agreeing to that lusted-after book deal. Today, people can still opt to work…

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An Evening in Harrogate with… Robert Galbraith

People always say that crime ‘does not pay’ but clearly that is not the case when you look at the ever-increasing crime market that authors find themselves in. As a genre it is one of the fastest growing of current times. Branching off you no longer just have your basic…

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Shattered by Shelby K. Morrison

Star Rating: ***** Pages: 200 First published in 2014 by Shelby K. Morrison It’s not very often I sit reading a book and can honestly say that I did not predict one twist correctly to the numerous threads that appear. I write this review in awe of Shelby who has…

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