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Top Contemporary Romance Novels You Should Read

Romance Novels are designed to make you swoon, and dream about gorgeous people and wonderful lifestyles. They transport us into a world of romantic encounters and fairytale endings. We all love romance, often wishing that we could be treated like the characters between the pages – indulging in a romantic…

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Classic Romance Novels Worth Reading

Classic love stories of boy and girl meet; boy and girl fall in love, marry and live happily ever after very rarely happen in real life. Where is the turmoil, the heartache, the deceit and the messy breakup? What happened to the unrequited love affairs and the stories of forbidden…

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How to Travel the World and Make Money As a Digital Nomad

Life is what you make it, isn’t it? That what people tend to tell others when they’re having a bad day or feeling indifferent… It can come off as indifferent depending on the tone of which it was said, but if you really think about it, it’s very factual. If…

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The Jane Austen Dating Agency by Fiona Woodifield

Review: The Jane Austen Dating Agency by Fiona Woodifield

“Yet there is a sneaky little part of me… that desperately wants a man to show some odd old-fashioned chivalry, to look after me a little, even if I can really look after myself is that so wrong even in the twenty-first century? Maybe this type of guy no longer…

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Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Review: Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Who is Poppy and why is she allowing her house to be demolished? Within the opening pages, you get the sense that something sinister has taken place inside. Something so bad that Poppy is prepared to see her home turned into rubble to forget. Forget what though we don’t know….

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Dreaming of Verona by T.A. Williams, romance novel with a mention of Shakespeare

Review: Dreaming of Verona by T.A. Williams

What did Suzie say to Alexandra to cause her to throw prosecco over her in front of a full restaurant? Before being introduced to the two main characters of this novel, you can’t help but be drawn in by the prologue. Intrigued by who these two individuals are and what…

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Book recommendations for February 2020 from Alison Barrow Transworld Books

Books of the Month: February 2020

February sees no less than 200 books being published some of which are highly publicised while others very few have heard of. This month alone Stacey Halls’ second book, The Foundling is published alongside The Sister’s Grimm by Menna van Praag, Saving Missy by Beth Morrey and Djinn Patrol on…

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You, Me and the Movies, a romance novel by Fiona Collins

Review: You, Me and the Movies by Fiona Collins

Arden hasn’t felt alive for years. Now in her 40s, she is still struggling to move her life forward. Being in a destructive marriage has taken its toil and the once happy-go-lucky person has turned into a reclusive, quiet individual who prefers watching the soaps on her own rather than…

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Books on Bruges is a collection of books on the Flemish city that should be read before visiting.

8 Books to Read before Visiting Bruges

Bruges is probably best known for its abundance of luxurious chocolate shops and a wide selection of flavoured beers.  With its cobbled streets, medieval buildings and a multitude of canals to explore it is not surprising that this gothic, Flemish city has grown in popularity in recent years.  Whether you…

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