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Top Contemporary Romance Novels You Should Read

Romance Novels are designed to make you swoon, and dream about gorgeous people and wonderful lifestyles. They transport us into a world of romantic encounters and fairytale endings. We all love romance, often wishing that we could be treated like the characters between the pages – indulging in a romantic…

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Classic Romance Novels

Classic Romance Novels Worth Reading

Classic romance stories of boy and girl meet; boy and girl fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after very rarely happen in real life. Where is the turmoil, the heartache, the deceit, and the messy breakup? What happened to the unrequited love affairs and the stories of forbidden…

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Books everyone should be reading before you visit Crete in Greece.

Books to Read Before you Visit Crete

When you think of Greece what Island first comes to mind? For me, I always imagine myself sipping a cocktail in a tavern on the beach watching the sun set on the island of Crete. Perhaps it is because Crete boasts of a moderately warm climate all year around, or maybe…

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Mykonos, the Greece Island everyone should consider for a romantic break. If you decide to visit where should you stay to make it memorable. Check out our recommendations via @tbookjunkie

5 Ideal Choice Houses in Mykonos for a Romantic Getaway

Mykonos is like a mythical paradise island for regular visitors. This place has everything necessary to make an unforgettable retreat with your better half. Ignite the romance, dance with the waves, have loving dinners, indulge in the atmosphere, and spend the nights having fun –do everything to make this Getaway…

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alendandre Dumas is a classic that everyone should be reading.

Review: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Said to be inspired by the true-life story of Francois Picaud, who was a 19th century shoemaker from Nimes accused of becoming a spy for the English and imprisoned in Fenestrelle fortress, The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic novel that is still well-loved today. The Story of The…

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How to celebrate Valentine's Day this lockdown via @tbookjunkie

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

Valentine’s Day this year is going to be a very different experience for many of us. I don’t know what you were all doing on cupid’s day of love last year, but I was sitting on the shores of Lake Garda sipping Laguna wine before enjoying a wonderful meal. Little…

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11 Books to Read before you visit Cambridge

Cambridge, with its strong literary legacy, is the perfect backdrop for those wanting to set a novel amongst the historical buildings that make up this University City. The well-trodden, cobble streets have, for a long time, been the inspiration for many. While the collegiate buildings themselves are natural settings for…

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Book Journaling: What is it and how to get started?

Someone recently asked me whether a book journal was similar to keeping a daily diary and in a way I suppose you could say it is related to it; it is a log of your thoughts essentially. But why are people turning to book journaling? Let’s think about it for…

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What to watch on Netflix if you are a bookworm. From romance and drama to horror all of these shows are based on books. Via @tbookjunkie

What TV Shows Bookworms Should be Watching on Netflix

2021 may not have started the way we wanted. We may be in the midst of another lockdown with the pandemic still raging across the world, but to ease the pain for book lovers everywhere, Netflix has us covered. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in…

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