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How to stay safe on a road trip, road safety, car journeys

How to Stay Safe on Your Upcoming Road Trip

Ready to head off on an epic road trip in the near future? We know you are excited, as we enjoy a cross-country jaunt as much as the next traveller. However, there are safety concerns which you need to be aware of before leaving your hometown. After all, nothing kills…

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Memorable Road Trip Songs: The Ultimate Playlist

What Songs Do You Have on Your Playlist? Unlike most people that choose to hop on a plane at the earliest opportunity, we are a couple who, wherever possible, will drive.  For us, there is no better feeling than setting off on an epic road-trip, knowing that we will be…

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Levison Wood at the age of 22 embarked on an overland trip from England to India along the Old Silk Road in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of on of his heroes, Arthur Connolly. Eastern Horizons captures his trip from beginning to end, highlighting not only the route he took but the people he met along the way.

Levison Wood Explores The Old Silk Road with Eastern Horizons

When most people consider taking a gap year to travel chances are South East Asia or South America will be high up on their bucket list. For others perhaps a European road trip might spring to mind.  However, how many young adults would consider hitch-hiking the Silk Road with less…

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Why Literature Fans Should Take a Trip to Dorset

Dorset is probably one of the best places to visit in England, especially during the summer months, after all it has nearly 100 miles of the finest beaches of anywhere in the UK. However, what happens to tourism in the winter months, when the sun is no longer shining, and…

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‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson

Who is Bill Bryson? Bill Bryson once said: “I want things to be better all the time. And I tend to get angry about that. Books are an opportunity to vent.” Perhaps that is why, today, he is a renowned author known for his comic ramblings that people often turn…

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11 Top Books to Read Before Visiting Australia

When planning a trip the first place I gain inspiration is within the pages of novels and books about the country I want to visit.  Australia is no different.  It is a country we have wanted to explore for years but knowing where to head is the hard part.  Unlike…

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Canada: A Country That Everyone Will Love

It’s true to say that at one time, given a choice, seeking out amazing beaches to visit would have been at the top of my travel requirements.  However, as with all things, with age comes change and now when looking for inspiration for our next trip I research extensively.  I…

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Why Film Lovers Should Visit Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of the best known filming locations of all time. Not only is it home to two of the most widely watched crime drama series currently on TV, “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” since the 19th century, it has also been a sought-after filming location for…

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What Will You be Reading this World Book Day?

World Book Day is a day to celebrate the great writers from around the world. It is a day where children, and adults alike, pay homage to their favourite books often by dressing up as their best-loved characters in order to spark conversations about the literary world. It is a…

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21 Top Book Releases to look out for in 2016

2016 is here and so too are a whole host of authors hoping that their latest creation will make it to the top of the bestselling lists, but who should we be looking out for? What will be you top read of 2016? Is anyone going to be able to…

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