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The 4 Hour Working Week by Tim Ferriss is here to help us work less and live more.

Review: The 4 Hour Working Week by Tim Ferriss

Would you like to work less but earn more?  Most people would jump at the chance to spend more time doing what they want, rather than spending more hours in a cubicle or doing a job they feel they have to do in order to make a living. There is…

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The Art of Non-Conformity is a non fictional read

Review: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the pressure to follow the crowd and conform? As a child, we are always told not to follow the crowd and to think for ourselves and yet as soon as we become an adult it seems like our entire life has already been mapped…

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9 Secrets to thriving by Emma J. Bell is an audible original that will help you to go from simply surviving to thriving.

Audiobook Review: 9 Secrets to Thriving by Emma J. Bell

Imagine being charged with drug smuggling 1000s of miles away from home. Would you survive and thrive or sink to your lowest ever? Or what would happen if you had a surfing accident? Would you give up? What happens when you feel overwhelmed but under-supported in a relationship? Will you…

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The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page best selling author of The Lido.

Review: The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page

“The city that never sleeps and neither does Stella’s. A glowing red sign marks out the cafe that serves fish and chips, bangers and mash and American pancakes to Londoners and visitors at any time of day or night.” Hannah and Mona work hard taking orders and delivering food to…

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Book review, Choose Wonder over Worry by Amber Rae is a motivational book helping you to realise your potential via tbookjunkie

Review: Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae

The motivational book market is growing exponentially, with those that are excelling in business either writing their own or creating articles listing their favourite books that everyone should be reading if they want to get ahead. No one is immune to this type of book.  If you haven’t picked up…

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