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Travelling Morocco – Where Should We Head Next?

After travelling Morocco independently a few years ago, and falling in love with the country, we often think about returning but with so much to see and do knowing where to head during our next trip is still being debated. Travelling Morocco Is An Experience Morocco is a country full…

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Morocco: Our 15 top tips!

A few things worth knowing before you visit Morocco:   1) You may already live by this rule but if not, only brush your teeth in bottled water you may regret it otherwise and always remember a small bottle a hand sanitizer – this was a life saver when camping in…

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Fes: A flying visit to the third largest City in Morocco

Experiencing Fes (Fez) for the First Time Arriving at Fes (also known as Fez) airport, passing through customs and passport control is time consuming – you need to allow at least 45 minutes once you have landed before you will even see the luggage belt. Top Tip: Make sure you have…

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The Best Guide to Museum Hopping in Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital city and biggest city in the U.S. state of Hawaii and is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the United States. With its tropical climate and array of white-sand beaches, locals and tourists from all over the world fly to Honolulu to enjoy all…

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How to stay safe on a road trip, road safety, car journeys

How to Stay Safe on Your Upcoming Road Trip

Ready to head off on an epic road trip in the near future? We know you are excited, as we enjoy a cross-country jaunt as much as the next traveller. However, there are safety concerns which you need to be aware of before leaving your hometown. After all, nothing kills…

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If You Want to Experience Traditional Spain Head to Mojacar

When you think of Spain, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Tapas, wine, bull fighting perhaps.  Or if like me, you have grown up watching TV shows about Brits doing stupid things abroad, chances are your first thought will be of places like Benidorm with its high-rise…

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Why Everyone Should Try Camping This Summer

Camping – The Wrong Impression Camping has often been seen as a past-time for those more adventurous nature lovers; the ones that boast about getting back to basics, loving the fact that they need to queue for a lukewarm shower after a hearty day of hiking in the hills. So,…

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