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Levison Wood at the age of 22 embarked on an overland trip from England to India along the Old Silk Road in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of on of his heroes, Arthur Connolly. Eastern Horizons captures his trip from beginning to end, highlighting not only the route he took but the people he met along the way.

Levison Wood Explores The Old Silk Road with Eastern Horizons

When most people consider taking a gap year to travel chances are South East Asia or South America will be high up on their bucket list. For others perhaps a European road trip might spring to mind.  However, how many young adults would consider hitch-hiking the Silk Road with less…

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‘Walking the Nile’ by Levison Wood

Could you walk the Nile? “The Sudd had beaten me, like it had tormented so many other travellers along the Nile, and the disappointment as difficult to put into words”. (Pg. 207) Never before has an explorer successfully walked the length of the Nile, so why did Levison Wood believe…

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15 Top Travel Books of 2016: Guaranteed to Inspire Wanderlust

Do you suffer with Wanderlust? Travelling the world is now easier than ever before, but deciding where to head can offer be as daunting as the journey itself.  With so many great travel writers out there, the knowledge we now have at our finger tips is immense.  However, with so…

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What happened to Percy Fawcett and the Lost City of Z via @tbookjunkie

What Happened to Percy Fawcett and his Lost City of Z?

Do you consider yourself an explorer? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you haven’t yet read The Lost City of Z it really should be on your list. Likewise, if you are someone that has been obsessed with something; wanted so much to discover the answer to a as yet…

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A travel memoir about how Harriet Sandys travelled to Afghanistan and the surrounding countries during the 1980's-90's in order to support Afghan Refugees via @tbokjunkie

Harriet Sandys: Supporting the Plight of Afghan Refugees

Even today, if someone, especially a female travelling alone, tells me they are off to explore the tumultuous area around Afghanistan and Pakistan, I would question their sanity but imagine a solo female traveller heading off to Central Asia back in the 1980’s.  Someone who was not there to cover…

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Adventures for a lifetime is the latest book by Ed Stafford adventure traveller and leader of adventure expeditions all across the world. Probably best known for walking the Amazon from source to sea.

Undertake New Adventure Expeditions with Ed Stafford

When I think of adventure expeditions images of men with ice hanging from their beards comes to mind.  Adventure travel, in my own head, is set aside for those that try to navigate some unexplored land hoping to be the first to ever complete the challenge in order to win…

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