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Who did you tell? by Lesley Kara, a crime fiction novel.

Review: Who did you tell? by Lesley Kara

Alcohol is clearly not Astrid’s friend, in fact, it sounds like that it is the cause for her lack of friends. “Drink isn’t your friend. It’s your enemy. Your poison. Can’t you see what it is doing to you?” (page 5). The only problem is that, due to her lack…

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Review: The Rumour by Lesley Kara

Set in the fictional town of Flinstead-on-Sea in North Essex, The Rumour is the first book by author Lesley Kara, but fingers crossed it won’t be her last. The Rumour: The Story It all starts with a silly rumour.  A passing comment or two at the school gates but before she…

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Book recommendations for February 2020 from Alison Barrow Transworld Books

Books of the Month: February 2020

February sees no less than 200 books being published some of which are highly publicised while others very few have heard of. This month alone Stacey Halls’ second book, The Foundling is published alongside The Sister’s Grimm by Menna van Praag, Saving Missy by Beth Morrey and Djinn Patrol on…

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