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5 Top Film Locations You Need to Visit in Iceland

When travelling around Iceland you have to question what took the big Hollywood directors so long to land on this beautiful Island. From volcanoes, to bubbling hot springs, snow-capped mountains and black-sanded beaches, Iceland has become a country famous for its stunning movie locations and thanks to TV shows like…

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Jökulsárlón: One of Iceland’s Natural Wonders

Unable to feel my, now frozen, fingers thanks to the minus temperature, I take a break from playing hide and seek with the seals and head inside the welcoming café to defrost.  Sitting at the large, unencumbered window the turquoise tinted iceberg flashes back at me as the low-rising, winter-day…

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A brand new Icelandic noir crime novel to enjoy by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

Review: The Creak on the Stairs by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

“She can sense him standing over her now, wheezing like an old man. The stink of cigarettes fills her nose. If she looked up she would see those dark-grey eyes staring down at her. Instinctively she pulls the duvet a fraction higher over her face. But she can’t hide. The…

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Shadow by James Swallow is part of the Marc Dane Series which includes NOMAD.

Review: Shadow by James Swallow

With multiple stories unfolding, Shadow is a novel that is going to keep you on your toes. It seems that Jakobs, an officer in the anti-terrorist police unit, has waited a lifetime to apprehend Verbeke, a one time colleague turned rogue. So when he was captured the Belgium police officer…

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7 Exotic Places to Visit If Money Was Not a Problem

By definition, exotic refers to anything unusual or exciting, or characteristic of a distant foreign country. When we plan our holidays, we frequently consider exotic destinations but quite often they remain on our bucket land because we can’t afford the travel. But what if money was not an obstacle to…

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7 Items You Need To Pack For a Camping & Hiking Trip

We Always Pack for a Hiking Trip When Camping For us, camping and hiking tend to go hand-in-hand and we often pick a campsite knowing that there will be a great trek or at least a long ramble nearby for us to enjoy.  We have even been known to set…

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Packing The Essentials: 16 Things We Never Leave Home Without

Like marmite, you either love or hate packing, there doesn’t ever seem to be an in-between but no matter who you speak to, everyone has a favourite item of clothing or a specific thing, that always get packed into the suitcase, regardless of destination.  We are no different; there are…

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Head to Atlantic City and Follow in the Footsteps of Hollywood Royalty

With more and more films gracing the big screen each year, it isn’t surprising that film directors are seeking out new and exciting locations to provide stunning backdrops for their last endeavours. However, when it comes to blockbusters, sometimes classic locations provide the best settings of all. If you want…

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