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5 Books to Take with you on a Family Holiday to Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world. And if you’re dreaming of a family holiday to the Greek Islands, it might be worth learning more about the country through a good book. Below, check out this list of the best books to…

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Houses clinging to the hillside in a European town

Best Biking Destinations in Europe

A biking holiday is a great way to explore new areas, feel the satisfaction of being active, and make the most of your trip. Europe is the perfect place for a cycling holiday, with breathtaking landscapes, diverse terrain, and many highlights to discover. However, Europe is also a big place,…

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Paris and the Louvre museum's iconic pyramid at sunrise

Epic Reads And Adventures: Pairing Books With Travel Destinations

Pairing the right book with the perfect travel destination can transform your journey from a simple visit to an immersive cultural and emotional adventure. Imagine strolling through the same streets that your current fictional characters inhabit or standing atop the very ruins pondered by historical figures in your non-fiction narrative….

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A globe to highlight the bucket list destinations around the world

Top destinations for your 2024 bucket list

Having a bucket list is a great way to document the things you want to see in your lifetime. In fact, a lot of people who make bucket lists like to write down a number of locations that they would love to visit before they die. As more people than…

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A white washed street in Greece with beautiful pink flowers and blue doors

Top 5 Books to Read Whilst Travelling the Greek Islands

Island hopping in Greece is a fun way to explore this stunning country. Nothing beats sitting out on the deck of a ferry, sipping cocktails, and wondering what awaits you on the next island. But with more than 200 islands to visit, you definitely need a good book to keep…

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Books everyone should be reading before you visit Crete in Greece.

Books to Read Before you Visit Crete

When you think of Greece what Island first comes to mind? For me, I always imagine myself sipping a cocktail in a tavern on the beach watching the sun set on the island of Crete. Perhaps it is because Crete boasts of a moderately warm climate all year around, or maybe…

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Mykonos in Greece in the perfect place for a romantic break via @tbookjunkie

5 Ideal Choice Houses in Mykonos for a Romantic Getaway

Mykonos is like a mythical paradise island for regular visitors. This place has everything necessary to make an unforgettable retreat with your better half. Ignite the romance, dance with the waves, have loving dinners, indulge in the atmosphere, and spend the nights having fun –do everything to make this Getaway…

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11 Books to Read before you visit Cambridge

Cambridge, with its strong literary legacy, is the perfect backdrop for those wanting to set a novel amongst the historical buildings that make up this University City. The well-trodden, cobble streets have, for a long time, been the inspiration for many. While the collegiate buildings themselves are natural settings for…

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What to watch on Netflix if you are a bookworm. From romance and drama to horror all of these shows are based on books. Via @tbookjunkie

What TV Shows Bookworms Should be Watching on Netflix

2021 may not have started the way we wanted. We may be in the midst of another lockdown with the pandemic still raging across the world, but to ease the pain for book lovers everywhere, Netflix has us covered. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in…

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A well known bridge in Oxford, UK

Famous Oxford Authors Everyone Should be Reading

Oxford University in the UK is one of the most respected in the world. Since 1096 it has seen some of the greatest minds from all around the globe graduate and go on to have successful careers in all manner of fields – including science, politics, journalism, and the arts,…

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