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The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende looks at the true meaning of feminism and how the movement has progressed over the last few decades. Read a full review via @tbookjunkie

Review: The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende

The Soul of a Woman, latest book from literary legend Isabel Allende, is being described as a “meditation on power, feminism and what it means to be a woman”. With an introduction like that, there was no way I could not pick up a copy. The Message Behind The Soul…

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Tracks by Robyn Davidson is about her time in the Australia desert. Read the full story via @tbookjunkie

Review: Tracks by Robyn Davidson

Have you ever thought about doing something so outlandish and inconceivable that it may actually work? This is exactly what Robyn Davidson did when she decided to embark on a trip across the Australian desert in 1977. It may not sound at all remarkable but when you think that, at…

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Review: Her Husband’s Mistake by Shelia O’Flanagan

“The morning after my father’s funeral, I came home and found my husband in bed with the next-door neighbour.” (Page 1) Could you imagine, losing the two men closest to you in a matter of days? One lost to illness while the other is lost to the next-door neighbour and…

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Scabby Queen by Kristin Innes is a novel about a woman doesn't quite succeed with a folk music career and ends up with depression and commits suicide

Review: Scabby Queen by Kristin  Innes

Clio Campbell first hit the headlines back in 1990 when she appeared on Top of the Pops wearing an anti-poll tax t-shirt and singing a song she had actually written for groups at protests. She killed herself in 2018 just days before her 51st birthday. Sadly, her death didn’t come…

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Review: Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Whisper Network was the July pick for Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club and while I don’t particularly choose to read along with all of her recommendations this was one that jumped off the page, screaming that I needed to read it.  Neither would I have classed myself as a…

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A travel memoir about how Harriet Sandys travelled to Afghanistan and the surrounding countries during the 1980's-90's in order to support Afghan Refugees via @tbokjunkie

Harriet Sandys: Supporting the Plight of Afghan Refugees

Even today, if someone, especially a female travelling alone, tells me they are off to explore the tumultuous area around Afghanistan and Pakistan, I would question their sanity but imagine a solo female traveller heading off to Central Asia back in the 1980s.  Someone who was not there to cover…

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9 Banned Books That May or May Not Surprise You

Banned books almost seem like a strange concept in a day and age when we supposedly have freedom of speech and therefore one would also assume that we also have the freedom to write what we choose. Apparently, however, freedom of expression is a human right according to article 19…

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38 Titles All Bookworms Will Want To Read This April

With April comes the promise of Easter eggs and April showers.  It is the month of April fool’s, cuckoos and newly sprouted buds after the harsher wintry period.  With the clocks going forward and the evenings turning lighter many will be venturing outside to tend to their gardens and relax…

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