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Target by Simon Kernick is a Crime Novel With a Kick

The Story of Target by Simon Kernick Who would have thought a few drinks with your best friend’s ex could lead to such devastating consequences? Rob Fallon, bumps into Jenny Brakspear on a night out in London and after a night of catching up they end up back at her…

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The Other You by J.S. Monroe

Review: The Other You by J.S. Monroe

“We’ve all got a double out there somewhere, watching, waiting. Shadowless.” (Page 9) Have you ever wondered if you have a double out there somewhere? Would you want to meet them or are you happy not knowing? Rob, a 29-year-old tech entrepreneur is living his best life. He has a…

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The Guest House by Abbie Frost, a Fiction reviewer for blogs and now a crime writer compared to Agatha Christie

Review: The Guest House by Abbie Frost

Grabbing my attention from the very beginning with a gripping, frightening prologue of a female running for her life, the armchair sleuth in me was on full alert. What could possibly have happened to this young woman running for her life away from a burning building? Just like an episode…

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Review: Pretty Guilty Women by Gina Lamanna

When the rich decide to arrange a wedding, they go big and the DeBleu/Banks is definitely a grand wedding fiesta. A week-long celebration in a fancy spa hotel, surrounded by friends and family, who can all seemingly afford to quaff champagne like most people drink water. Of course, that doesn’t…

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Books on Bruges is a collection of books on the Flemish city that should be read before visiting.

8 Books to Read before Visiting Bruges

Bruges is probably best known for its abundance of luxurious chocolate shops and a wide selection of flavoured beers.  With its cobbled streets, medieval buildings and a multitude of canals to explore it is not surprising that this gothic, Flemish city has grown in popularity in recent years.  Whether you…

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Who did you tell? by Lesley Kara, a crime fiction novel.

Review: Who did you tell? by Lesley Kara

Alcohol is clearly not Astrid’s friend, in fact, it sounds like that it is the cause for her lack of friends. “Drink isn’t your friend. It’s your enemy. Your poison. Can’t you see what it is doing to you?” (page 5). The only problem is that, due to her lack…

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Feather and Claw by Susan Handley: A crime novel set in Cyprus

Review: Feather and Claw by Susan Handley

What happens when the ‘hunters become the hunted’? But who are they? Yanni’s in the old town has been hit, but by what? This is the call received in the early hours of the morning but what does that mean for the people of the town? Who are the individuals…

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