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Target by Simon Kernick is a Crime Novel With a Kick

The Story of Target by Simon Kernick Who would have thought a few drinks with your best friend’s ex could lead to such devastating consequences? Rob Fallon, bumps into Jenny Brakspear on a night out in London and after a night of catching up they end up back at her…

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Famous Oxford Authors Everyone Should be Reading

Oxford University in the UK is one of the most respected in the world. Since 1096 it has seen some of the greatest minds, from all around the globe, graduate and go on to have successful careers in all manner of fields – including science, politics, journalism, and the arts,…

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How about a staycation to a literary location in Oxford, UK. Join us as we wander the streets of this historical university city.

Literary Destinations: Where to Visit on an Oxford Staycation

2020 has not been the best year for international travel, but it has seen an increase in people opting instead to go on a UK staycation. With concerns still prevalent regarding the current pandemic and what this means for the coming 12 months, it appears that the UK holiday and hotel…

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Where is Tony Blunt by Joseph Mitcham is the latest in his atrocities series where a multi-agency task force come together to try to stop terrorism in the UK

Review: Where is Tony Blunt? By Joseph Mitcham

Sangin, Afghanistan June 2008 Tony Blunt always screws up. It seems he can’t help himself and everyone in his squadron is aware of it. So would you really want him as your backup? Unfortunately, he is all they have. Surprisingly he doesn’t screw up quite as much as everyone expects…

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Son of Escobar: First Born is a book by Roberto Sendoya Escobar who claims to be the first born son of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar

Son of Escobar: First Born by Roberto Sendoya Escobar

Imagine being the son of possibly the most notorious drug lord ever to wander the earth. Worst still, envisage believing your father is an English businessman only later to find out that in fact, he adopted you and was actually working undercover for MI6 and the British Intelligence Service to…

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Review: No Mercy by Martina Cole

Back in the 1980’s Diana Davis found herself, after the death of her infamous bank-robbing husband, as head of one of the most notorious families known in the gangland underworld.  She may have been a woman in a predominately man’s world, but there was no one brave enough to mess…

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