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11 Charles Dickens Novels Worth A Read

Charles Dickens, a man that would have been 205 years old today, is still a well-loved author famed for his eloquent descriptions of Victorian London. No other author seems to have captured the filth and squalor of his time in quite the same poetic way.  ‘It was the best of…

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Famous Literary Gravesites in London Bookworms Should Visit

Gravesites may not be at the top of everyone’s attraction list but for some, visiting the tombs of the once famous is one way to connect with them.  It’s not just actors and musicians that have followers wanting to visit their gravesides either, for a long time now people have also…

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10 Reasons for Visiting the York Literature Festival (2016)

Literature Festivals: Why You Should Go As an often over-zealous bookworm I have been known to seek out these events where upon I can go and track down my favourite authors. It is an opportunity for me to rub shoulders with other geeky types who have namely one thing in…

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Classic Romance Novels Worth Reading

Classic love stories of boy and girl meet; boy and girl fall in love, marry and live happily ever after very rarely happen in real life. Where is the turmoil, the heartache, the deceit and the messy breakup? What happened to the unrequited love affairs and the stories of forbidden…

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Exploring the Famous Writers of Bloomsbury, London

Bloomsbury in London has, for centuries, been a mecca for influential writers from across the world looking for both inspiration and a social life that would lead to success for their work. “It is not the walls that make the city, but the people who live within them.” (George VI)…

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Why Bookworms Should Visit The Mount Royale Hotel, York

Mount Royale Hotel York (image provided by Rolling our suitcases past the ivy-clad exterior of the Mount Royale Hotel, our expectations were high; nothing this picturesque on the outside could fail on the inside surely. We often find that, when planning a city break, choosing a hotel to suit…

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