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How to be perfect by Holly Wainwright. A fictional novel about the world of blogging.

Review: How to be Perfect by Holly Wainwright

Do you ever look at the lives of others, especially those broadcast all over social media, and wish you were them? They seem to have it all – the perfect life perhaps. These individuals happily promote their wonderful lifestyles – the clean living, the ideal bodies, the fact that they…

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How to earn money while travelling the world via @tbookjunkie

Best Ways to Earn Money Whilst Travelling

For all you travel junkies out there that love nothing better than to jet off on your next adventure, we feel you. If you love to travel but don’t know how you can make money in the process, fear not! There are loads of ways to earn cash whilst experiencing…

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Travel insurance, insurance, protection while travelling,

Why Travel Insurance is Problematic for a Travel Blogger

Having spent the last four years as a perpetual traveller I understand how frustrating it can be to find the right travel insurance policy. Firstly, many travel insurers will only cover between 30-90 day trips, which is fantastic when you are planning your two-week annual break or thinking of heading…

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So You Want to become a Professional Travel Blogger

So you want to be a travel blogger.  Think you will be able to make a fortune and give up that boring 9-5 that you keep complaining about.  You want to travel the world and believe having a blog is the answer.  You have read numerous blogs entitled ‘How to…

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Ditch The Daily Commute and Save Two Weeks a Year

What Would You Do If You Had Two Extra Weeks A Year? What if we told you that on average, you are losing two working weeks a year thanks to your daily commute?  That is two weeks where you could be spending time with loved ones doing something far less…

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4 Great Cameras Every Travel Blogger Will Love

What are the Best 4K Cameras Currently on the Market? No matter what your profession there are certain tools that you need in order to do your job well, and travel blogging is no different.  There are of course, certain things that you don’t need regardless of what some bloggers…

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Penguin Guide to Punctuation (R.L. Trask)

My Star Rating: **** Pages: 156 First Published in 1997 As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to return to the world of study albeit from home in my own time.  This is not a revelation for family and friends who know me well; my father would…

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