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Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure book review

Review: Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald

Would you move half way across the world for love? That is exactly what Sarah Macdonald did.  She uprooted her life, moving from Australia and leaving a very successful career as a journalist behind, to join her boyfriend in New Delhi.  The contrast between the two worlds really could not…

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How to earn money while travelling the world via @tbookjunkie

Best Ways to Earn Money Whilst Travelling

For all you travel junkies out there that love nothing better than to jet off on your next adventure, we feel you. If you love to travel but don’t know how you can make money in the process, fear not! There are loads of ways to earn cash whilst experiencing…

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Adventures for a lifetime is the latest book by Ed Stafford adventure traveller and leader of adventure expeditions all across the world. Probably best known for walking the Amazon from source to sea.

Undertake New Adventure Expeditions with Ed Stafford

When I think of adventure expeditions images of men with ice hanging from their beards come to mind.  Adventure travel, in my own head, is set aside for those that try to navigate some unexplored land hoping to be the first to ever complete the challenge in order to win…

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Why Antarctica Should be Your Next Adventure Destination  

A forgotten land of ice, rock, and underwater giants, Antarctica is an adventurer’s paradise. Untouched by the ravages of humans, Antarctica is a virginal landscape where tourists can experience the true definition of wilderness. For people wanting to experience something truly different and unique, Antarctica is one of the few…

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Travel insurance, insurance, protection while travelling,

Why Travel Insurance is Problematic for a Travel Blogger

Having spent the last four years as a perpetual traveller I understand how frustrating it can be to find the right travel insurance policy. Firstly, many travel insurers will only cover between 30-90 day trips, which is fantastic when you are planning your two-week annual break or thinking of heading…

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three tips for staying healthy while travelling via @tbookjunkie

3 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Travelling

Travel is great. Although there is a slightly less attractive aspect to the wandering life – how it can impact your health. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love the anticipation of boarding a plane or hopping on a night train and am still amazed at how much it…

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What are the foods that everyone should be trying when they visit #Macau in #Asia? Via @tbookjunkie

A Newbie’s Guide to Must-Have Dishes When Traveling in Macau

The former Portuguese colony of Macau is the perfect example of East meets West. While Macau is still proud of its Portuguese heritage, in the 21st century, it brilliantly fuses its present-day Chinese rule, making it one of the fascinating holiday destinations throughout Asia. Its history goes back to the…

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So You Want to become a Professional Travel Blogger

So you want to be a travel blogger.  Think you will be able to make a fortune and give up that boring 9-5 that you keep complaining about.  You want to travel the world and believe having a blog is the answer.  You have read numerous blogs entitled ‘How to…

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