5 Literary Places in Paris for Language Learning Inspiration

A bridge over the River Seine in Paris at night.

We all know that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, where love fills the hearts of the people and lets true feelings unfold in all their beauty. Not many people know that Paris has several legendary literary locations that are quite inspiring for language learning. If you have ever tried to learn French, you might know how challenging it can be to master the pronunciation and learn all the grammar rules.

From the famous Musée da la Vie Romantique to the famous Maison de Victor Hugo, Paris is filled with unique spots for book lovers who love to travel and explore the world. Many things will surprise you as you take a walk to the L’Hotel, 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts, and see many legendary exhibitions and streets. Your language learning will instantly reach a different level when you feel inspired. Some call it a deeply psychological trick, yet it would be more correct to call it the magic of Paris and the cultural heritage that should be experienced in person to believe it!

The booksellers along the River Seine in Paris.

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5 Literary Places in Paris for Language Learning Inspiration

  1. Shakespeare and Company Legendary Book Store 

It’s one of the best English-language bookshops that can help you with your language-learning needs and more. It’s right at the very heart of the French capital, and you will be surprised to learn that it’s located not far from Notre Dame. You will meet many modern writers there and can discover unique books and learning methodologies. It’s a true meeting place for those who love literature and want to learn. There is also a great archive of French and world-famous literary works, photographs, and pieces of art. It is one of the true literary places in Paris to visit, although do not get confused with the Sylvia Beach bookstore of the same name which closed down in the 1940’s which was frequented by the likes of Hemingway, Joyce and Fitzgerald.

Shakespeare and Co Bookshop, 37 rue de la Bucherie 75005, Paris, France,

Shakespeare & Co Bookshop

  1. Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris

As you might have already guessed, Ernest Hemingway himself has been a frequent visitor to this fantastic bar. It is very tiny, and you will be surprised once you pay a visit that it’s a great escape from the busy and noisy streets of Paris. Finding a free spot is almost impossible, but if you take your time and wait, it will be worth it. If you are a traveling student or an exchange learner in France with a tight schedule, you can approach TopEssayWriting and learn how to manage your time easier. Speaking of the cocktails that you can find here, they are one of the most delicious ever, and it’s also worth experiencing the best service and genuine French charm in this place for book lovers. 

  1. Le Procope Restaurant

If you have heard of the famous cafe culture in Paris, you have to visit this beautiful place! It’s not only the food and the celebrity guests that you can spot but also the street that is worth visiting. It’s one of the most beloved places to visit by Napoleon Bonaparte, Victor Hugo, and even Benjamin Franklin. When you take a look at the views, it’s not even surprising! 

  1. Cimetière de Montparnasse & Cimetière du Père Lachaise

Here you can visit two legendary cemeteries that became the final home for many poets, authors, and artists. There are guides that will happily show you the way through and help you spot those authors that might spark your interest. If speaking or reading French is problematic and you wish to get prepared as you walk through the silence, checking IsAccurate might be a suitable option. You can share your concerns and things you would wish to know with the trained translators, and they will be able to assist you with your cultural journey. This way, your French learning becomes truly fascinating! 

  1. The Bouquinistes on the Seine River

It’s the street with the tiny street book markets where you can find true second-hand gems. It’s a place truly worth visiting and taking pictures, as you see the true French magic!

Inside Shakespeare and Co Paris France

Heaven for Bibliophiles

Making a List of Places to Visit Based on Books 

To make your Paris travels even more enjoyable, a good solution would be to make a list of all the legendary places in Paris mentioned in your beloved books. Some of them might not even be there, and the name might have been changed since those distant times. Still, when you have a list of things you would like to see, it makes all the difference! Remember that the basic guides for tourists may not have the same literary depth as it only takes a true book aficionado to check and appreciate it all.

If you have an opportunity, you can talk to your French friends or approach a friendly app called HelloTalk, where you can meet people from all over the world, Paris included. It’s totally free and can serve as a good way to help you learn more about transportation and accommodation. Paris does not belong to the cheap cities, which is why staying a bit further from the center might be a good option to consider. Start planning in advance, and you will enjoy your literary trip to Paris even more!

Have you visited any literary places in Paris? Where would you recommend book lovers visit?

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