5 Ideal Choice Houses in Mykonos for a Romantic Getaway

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Mykonos is like a mythical paradise island for regular visitors. This place has everything necessary to make an unforgettable retreat with your better half. Ignite the romance, dance with the waves, have loving dinners, indulge in the atmosphere, and spend the nights having fun –do everything to make this Getaway something to tell your grandchildren about one day.

Luxurious and utterly magnificent Mykonos houses for rent are available throughout the year. While there is no lack of options, the following five rental homes are in a class of their own.

Mykonos Romantic Getaways

Suite Amethyst in Mykonos Greece is the perfect location for a romantic break

luxury pools in Mykonos

#1 Suite Amethyst

Suite Amethyst is located in a small coastal village called Tourlos. This is a beautiful area with iconic white-washed houses and a picturesque atmosphere. There are taverns and bars nearby for endless entertainment. The property is merely within walking distance from the famous Psarou and Platy Gialos beaches.

The Suite is composed of modern architecture and all the luxury it entails. The whole property is suited to a couple looking to spend time alone, revelling in their lover’s presence.

There are a fully equipped kitchen, living room and private swimming pool on the property. You can join your partner for sunbathing on the deck overlooking the serene blue waters, with fresh air blowing in your hair. You are sure to find every comfort imaginable in this place, making your visit well worth it.

#2 Villa Wisteria

Villa Wisteria is located in the famous Agios Lazaros resort. It is merely walking distance away from Psarou beach and the well-known tourist spots of Nammos and Platy Yalos. The Mykonos town centre and the airport are also only a few minutes drive away.

This Villa is a one-bedroom suite with an outdoor Jacuzzi. The construction is characterised by the typical white-washed building with a style that provides all modern utilities while preserving the classical majesty. The architecture, furniture, amenities, even the pool; everything screams luxury and comfort.

There is a grand view of the surrounding bay from the outdoor Jacuzzi. This place is perfect for couples looking to enjoy each others’ company in peace.

Villa Wisteria in Mykonos has some stunning views

Stunning panoramic views from your balcony

#3 Suite Ruby

Suite Ruby is once again found in the village of Tourlos. It is only a few minutes walk away from the famous iconic white-sand beaches and crystal waters of Psarou and Platy Gialos. You can spend your time practising watersports or other countless entertainment opportunities nearby.

The Suite is the embodiment of luxury and comfort. The single comfortable bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is specifically designed for couples in mind. Every modern amenity is available without disturbing the romantic ambience.

The private swimming pool offers a beautiful view of the serene sea down below. The surroundings are full of flowers, creating a fragrant atmosphere. The whole place is simply magical.

Stunning beaches of Mykonos

Plenty of stunning beaches to choose from (Image provided by Eleonora Rini)

#4 Romantic Getaway

Romantic Getaway is a private complex in the famous Panormos Bay, north of the island. There are several villas in the complex; however, your privacy is assured. The exclusive and pristine beach is only a few steps away. You can easily find a secluded place, away from the crowds and enjoy your stay in peace.

The Villas are constructed with the traditional Cycladic architecture. You can find every luxury, comfort and amenity of the modern world. There is a private pool attached to the property, which offers an impressive view of the sea. The staff is always at hand to fulfil any demand of the visitors.

Romantic Getaway offers couples a unique opportunity to enjoy their vacation in privacy while having everything else at hand.

White washed buildings of the Greek islands are now iconic

Don’t forget to explore with white-washed villages (Image provided by lo.tangelini)

#5 Villa Youth

Villa Youth is another luxurious private complex in the trendy Panormos Bay, north of the island. This place ensures privacy as well as comfort for couples looking for a romantic vacation. It is merely within walking distance from the uncontaminated and exclusive beach of Agios Sostis.

The Villa offers all modern amenities, furnishings and entertainment. The outside lounging area provides a magnificent view of the sea and surrounding hills. Tasteful decorations increase the ambience of the environment.

This place is ideal for rekindling the flames of passion and bringing love to life. You are guaranteed never to forget the experience of this incredible vacation.

Have you visited Mykonos? What other areas of Greece should people be looking to visit this summer?

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