10 New Authors to watch out for in 2015

The world of publishing has changed considerable over the years; no longer does a budding author need to send a series of manuscripts to publishing houses in the hope that they will respond in a positive way, agreeing to that lusted-after book deal. Today, people can still opt to work with, what many would class as the holy grail of penmanship, the publishing house, or they could decide to go down the self publishing route.

What does this mean for the reader?

With so many new authors flooding the market, from all genre backgrounds, aiming at all audiences, there are more options than ever before. No longer does the reader need to wait several months for the coveted hardback, they simply need to log on to the computer, head to a popular website and download the book straight onto their e-reader.

With so many new authors publishing their work who should we be looking out for in 2015?

Considering all publishing routes and genres here are 10 promising writers to look out for.

1) SJI Holliday

Susi Holliday is a life-long fan of crime writing and therefore it should be of no surprise that she is joining the murky world of this genre. After winning a couple of awards for her short stories, Susi decided to take the plunge with her first novel Black Wood (published in paperback March 2015), a psychological crime novel. This is a well-written first novel that has definitely got her peers talking.

Susi Holliday  aka SJI Holliday author of Black Wood authors

SJI Holliday

2) Paula Hawkins

After working as a journalist for the past 15 years, Paula has moved from fact into the realms of fiction with her ‘debut’ novel, The Girl on the Train (published in hardback Jan 2015). Inspired by her own train journeys and the daydreaming that took place on those long commutes, Paula has been able to spin those thoughts into a fantastic crime thriller. It should however be noted, that whilst Paula is in fact being published for the first time using her own name, she has at one time written romantic comedies under a pseudonym.

Paula Hawkins author Girl on the Train authors

Paula Hawkins

3) Lucy Wood

Lucy believes that her MA in Creative Writing was the turning point for her and without it her first short story, ‘Diving Belles’, may have never been written. Since then, it has taken her two-and-a-half-years to write her first full length novel, Weathering (published Feb 2015) a multi-layered narrative about the lives of three females (mother, daughter and granddaughter) all coming together. For some, the supernatural aspect of this novel may be a bit of a struggle at times but, if you can move past this, the well-written, descriptions and the imagery used throughout this book are well worth the readers’ time.

Lucy Wood Weathering authors

‘Weathering’ by Lucy Wood

4) Emma Hooper

As a musician and an academic you have to wonder where Emma gets the time to also become a published author. Her debut novel, ‘Etta and Otto and Russell and James’ (published Jan 2015) has already been translated into 18 languages and therefore promises to be a good one. Her quirky novel follows 82 year old Etta, on a 2,000 miles journey to see the sea for the first time. As the story unfolds you begin to find out more about her love rivals, Russell and Otto, often thorough the letters that had been sent during the war. Will Etta succeed in fulfilling her ambition?

Emma Hooper authors

Emma Hooper – photo credited to Martin Tompkins

5) Bret Anthony Johnston

In between teaching fictional writing seminars at Harvard University, Bret has managed to find the time to write his first fictional novel, Remember Me Like This (published Feb 2015). Based on a hard-hitting topic, one where a child goes missing, Johnston is able to recreate the fear and turmoil that families must go through during these traumatic times without losing the sensitivity required for such a painful subject.

Bret Anthony Johnston authors

Bret Anthony Johnston

6) Jacob Rubin

Jacob’s novel, The Poser (published March 2015) is highly anticipated to become a book everyone will want to read this year. A hilarious fable about a man that has the ability to impersonate anyone he chooses whilst having no personality of his own. A witty, debut novel that is likely to have you laughing out loud one moment whilst making you reflect on how society can leave you feeling quite empty the next.

Author Jacob Rubin The Poser authors

Jacob Rubin

7) Huan Hsu

In a previous life Huan was a journalist living in Salt Lake city now he is a lecturer of creative writing living in Amsterdam. His book, The Porcelain Thief (published March 2015) recounts a journey of discovery as he travels through China and Taiwan in search of family treasures and forgotten ancestry.   After speaking to his grandmother, Huan’s desire to learn more about his family was ignited and a travelogue was born.

'The Porcelain Thief' by Huan Hsu authors

‘The Porcelain Thief” by Huan Hsu

8) George Hodgman

George has written a memoir to top all memoirs. Leaving New York behind and returning to the small town where he was raised, George is forced to care for his aging mother. Bettyville (published March 2015) holds a profound insight into what it was like to grow up gay in a backwater town and what it feels like to return years later whilst also confronting a strong-willed mother refusing to go into a care home.

Author George Hodgman Bettyville authors

George Hodgman – photo credited to Sigrid Estrada

9) Jessica Cornwell

This woman knows how to put pressure on herself. Her grandfather is John Le Carre, one of the greatest spy novelists of all times, her uncle is Nick Harkaway, a well-published fantasy author and her father is screenwriter Stephen Cornwell. Jessica’s first novel, The Serpent Papers (published Jan 2015) is a historical crime novel spanning two time frames – 2003 and 2014 – and involves one very persistent book thief named Anna. Will Anna be able to a solve the mystery that dates back more than 10 years?

Jessica Cornwell authors

Jessica Cornwell – photo credited to Diana Patient

10) Helena Coggan

At only 15, Helena has achieved something that many writers procrastinate about on a daily basis – she has had her first novel published. The Catalyst (published Feb 2015) is a fantasy novel that has both likeable characters and a gripping plot. Ok, so it is aimed at YA readers but anyone that can gain a publishing contract at such a young age really does deserve a mention.

Helena Hoggan YA Authors

Helena Coggan – photo credited to Matt Russell

With such a wealth of talent currently out there this list is by no-means exhausted, but my hope is that you may find a new author or two to enjoy from those mentioned.


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